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  • OO8A2598

    Fluffy Pancakes, Strawberries, Cream and Honey

    Mmm … did someone say pancakes?! We’re in strawberry, cream and honey heaven with these fluffy, melt in your mouth pancakes by Mimo Food. We’ll be indulging in these with a side of Rioja rosé.

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  • OO8A2541

    Pan Fried Ceps, Cep and Brandy Cream and Egg Yolk

    Immerse yourself in the food and wine of La Rioja and the Basque Country, with this sensational recipe of pan fried ceps, cep and brandy cream and egg yolk. Delicious alongside our Beronia Crianza for a dream Saturday night dinner.

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  • Basque Txuleton Steak with Beronia Reserva (low res)

    Basque Txuleton Steak

    If you’re looking for the quickest, most delicious way to make steak, this is it! Txuleton steak served with piquillo peppers, represents a long Basque culinary tradition. Enjoy with a glass of Beronia Reserva.

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  • OO8A2671

    Seared Duck Breast, Pan Fried Chantarelles & Dried Apricot Sauce

    A festive feast of seared duck breast, chantarelles mushrooms and apricot sauce sounds like heaven on a plate. Come Christmas Day, we’ll be washing this down with our Beronia Reserva. The perfect pair that won’t leave any guest feeling disappointed.

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  • OO8A2482

    Grilled Baby Leeks, Romesco Sauce & Toasted Almonds

    Get inspired with this delicious vegan recipe of baby leeks with romesco sauce and toasted almonds. Whatever the occasion we’ve got you covered. Enjoy alongside our Beronia Ecológico.

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