The Basque Country is renowned for its delicious cuisine and hitting the town for a pintxo crawl is a must when visiting the region. But before you jet off, you should know that going out for pintxos has an unwritten script, an etiquette that locals and foodies in the know follow to the letter. Here’s your insider’s guide for your next trip:

  1. Start early enough (around 8 or 9pm) since many of the bars start closing around 11pm and food may run out at some point!
  2. Throw your paper napkins on the floor – this is the easiest way for the bars to clean up and is a local custom.
  3. Keep a mental note of what you have eaten and drank so you can later agree on the bill with the bartender.
  4. Keep moving. Don’t ask for a plate or pile of pintxos at once. Aim to only taste one or two pintxos in each bar then continue on.
  5. Be patient. Be sure not to push your way to the bar to get the bartender’s attention – food & Rioja will be with you before you know it!

Not quite ready to go it alone? You can dine like a local in San Sebastian with the help of our amigos from Mimo Food – they’ll show you the ropes and take you on a tour of the best pintxo bars in town.